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Flowers are essential in our daily lives as it gives the ability to enjoy every moment and every celebration. They may not last forever, but we have put basic care tips on how to look after your flowers well. Following our care tips below will help ensure the quality of your flowers and extend their vaselife. Please follow the care tips to keep your flowers properly hydrated. We always recommend that you take urgent care of your flowers upon arrival.


Guide and Care Tips to flowers:

Cut the stems
Once the flowers arrive at home, you must cut the stem in one to two inches first, and cut in an angle. By removing a small part of the bottom of the stems before they are put in the water, you are exposing fresh tissue that can absorb the water even more effectively. Make sure to re-trim once every few days after the initial cut to reveal fresh tissue. Use a sharp knife, cutter, or a pair of scissors at all times when cutting the stem or leaves of flowers as dull scissors can damage the stem and hinders the water absorption.

Remove the dead parts
Dead plants and wilting leaves cause the flowers to die fast. Dead petals and wilting leaves and stems are to be removed to prevent bacterial growth. As much as possible, remove the dead leaves, or dead petals to make your flowers last longer. Check your flowers daily to prevent bacterial rot.

Replenish water frequently
Flowers are just like humans, they also need lots of fresh water. Flowers take a lot of water to make them last longer. Keep the vase full of water to ensure it will not dehydrate your flowers. Flowers are highly susceptible to bacteria as stems sit in water. Make sure to change your water in the vase every few days, even if the water has not been used up to maintain the flowers’ freshness. If the water is not changed often, a bad smell will arise if you let them sit for a long time.

Keep away from sunlight
Opposite to potted plants, cut flowers do not like sunlight. Sun and heat will allow them to mature, thus speeding their demise. Avoid placing your flowers near any electrical devices or windows because this can dehydrate your flowers directly. Keep your flowers in a cool area to make them last longer. It is an essential step to identify the storage place of your flowers as the temperature affects the flowers’ condition.

Wash the Vase regularly

In an empty vase, bacteria grow and do not die just because the vase dries out. Once you add water again, the vase will be full of bacteria too. The same bacteria that killed the last bouquet will subject your new bouquet also. Thoroughly clean your vase with soap and water to not only remove the bacteria that grew from the vase, but also to remove the bad smell of the filthy vase. Let your flowers live in a clean and fresh environment.
It is completely natural when your flowers look tired after their journey! Following the tips above on how to care for your flowers helps ensure the beautiful quality and prolong the life of your flowers.