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Things our Customers Say
Julian Ledger

July 2020

Called late last week on Thursday evening to order some lilies for my wife as was our 10th wedding anniversary. Delivered to me at 07.30 the following morning. The lilies were and have been superb all week. Great service and beautiful flowers, thank you to Ian and his team.
Tim Clay

June 2020

Great service, even under the lockdown restrictions! I was looking to replicate my wife’s wedding bouquet as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. The replica was great, looked amazing, delivered early on the required day, and were greatly appreciated! What more could you ask?
Bobbi Montague

April 2020

Fab online service… Beautiful bouquet sent to my mum on her birthday which given the times I didn’t think was going to be possible. Thank you so much
Vivienne Taylor

December 2019

My nephew e-mailed to me a picture of the autumnal basket I had chosen for my brother-in-law’s funeral and I thought it looked lovely. Thank you very much. Vivienne Taylor

Amberstone FLORIST

Life is a traffic light. In life, there is go, caution, and stop. This reality might sometimes stuck us on a certain road along our life’s journey. Most of the time, we feel like nothing could stop us and we are always going forward. We are always on the go with whatever life would bring. With every small achievement, we always wanted to go further and see what is beyond.

However, there are times as well when we encounter precautionary signs. There are people and circumstances we meet that would somehow tell us to go slow, if not to stop. With our every doubt, we slow down our life’s travel.

Failures most of the time cause disappointments. These would somehow push us to make a full stop. But, just like traffic, we must not stick to where we stopped. Red lights would soon change to amber. That is now our chance to think twice about which direction we may go once the light turns green.

Life is full of surprises. We just don’t know what lies ahead, will there be a stop, caution, or go. Would you go, stop, or slow down? Think again. Life has its bounties. Traffic might stop us, but let our thoughts journey through the distance.

In the Amberstone flower shop, there is no traffic. With Amberstone florists and flower delivery service, life is always a go. Amberstone is a village of Magham Down. It is also a unique street name in East Sussex that measures about 2 kilometers long. The town sits within the country of East Sussex southeast of England about 46 miles or 74 km away from London.

Amberstone has developed over the years but has maintained its existing character and architectural designs and its own identity. Along with Amberstone’s development is the rise of Amberstone flower shops. Amberstone flowers were known to be fresh and hand-picked. One of the flower shops in Amberstone that is continuing to grow is The Bloom Factory, based mainly in Eastbourne.

As The Bloom Factory’s shop in Eastbourne has become successful, it widened its reach and opened a shop in Amberstone. At The Bloom Factory, we see to it that your flowers would surely be a hit to your receiver. We are always happy to show to our patrons the work of our skilled and talented Amberstone florists plus the on-time flower delivery service.

Just like in the Eastbourne shop, Amberstone flower shop also has a variety of colourful flower arrangements. You can choose from Elegant Alstro to Lemon Sizzle or Allure Hatbox. Just name your design, and our flower shop has them.

Our flower shop will always be at your service with our efficient florists who are ready to serve your every need. Amberstone florists make sure that the fine and fresh Amberstone flowers would surely be for your satisfaction. Our florists make your desired design even beyond your expectations.

Amberstone, with Amberstone Corner as transport interchange in England, has a very accessible public transport links. This, alone, makes it possible for the Amberstone flower delivery service to deliver your flowers in no time. The access roads of Amberstone has made it possible for our flower delivery to serve you even better, and even faster.

The Bloom Factory offers same-day flower delivery across Amberstone. This is to make sure that your flowers arrive at your doorstep quickly and that it would surely serve its purpose in the fastest time possible.

If you are in the midst of traffic, either in your life’s journey or at your day’s travel, Amberstone flower shop would surely be of help. Amberstone flower delivery service would surely be at your side in times of your flower needs.

Jammed in life’s traffic? Let the local Eastbourne florist, The Bloom Factory, help you ease the traffic jam of your life. Visit our shop or call us now!

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