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Things our Customers Say
Julian Ledger

July 2020

Called late last week on Thursday evening to order some lilies for my wife as was our 10th wedding anniversary. Delivered to me at 07.30 the following morning. The lilies were and have been superb all week. Great service and beautiful flowers, thank you to Ian and his team.
Tim Clay

June 2020

Great service, even under the lockdown restrictions! I was looking to replicate my wife’s wedding bouquet as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. The replica was great, looked amazing, delivered early on the required day, and were greatly appreciated! What more could you ask?
Bobbi Montague

April 2020

Fab online service… Beautiful bouquet sent to my mum on her birthday which given the times I didn’t think was going to be possible. Thank you so much
Vivienne Taylor

December 2019

My nephew e-mailed to me a picture of the autumnal basket I had chosen for my brother-in-law’s funeral and I thought it looked lovely. Thank you very much. Vivienne Taylor

Beachlands FLORIST

Have you ever heard of Beachlands? Possibly some of you have been to this place, others haven’t. Beachlands in East Sussex, England, UK, is recognized to have good beaches in the area. This place might be a mystery to others because you can’t easily search for any information about it. However, the place is famous for its home care services and Pevensey Bay.

Beachlands home care is listed to offer housing care to elderly people and it is situated on the waterfront in Seaford situated near the bus, local amenities and rail links in town. When you visit your grandma or grandpa in Beachlands home care, a flower bouquet would be a perfect gift for them. In Beachlands, there are some flower shops located in the area and one of these is The Bloom Factory, your local Eastbourne florist.

Ever wonder how flowers can touch someone's heart? That is the nature of flowers, though they have petals that are thinner like the butterfly's wings but they could have an impact on everybody. They may look weak but flowers are tough, they survive longer than their original lifespan especially when flowers are taken care of by a passionate person. Beachlands florist staff is very passionate about taking good care of our Beachlands flowers. Rest assured that our flower shop has new and fresh flower bouquets and wreaths to offer you.

In Beachlands Florist, we don't take for granted our flowers. All of our flowers and wreaths are taken care of fairly, so you can see that most of the products we sell are the best-selling flowers in town. All of the flower bouquets being displayed shine and radiate their charm singly and brightly.

The staff in The Bloom Factory is always ready to guide and help you choose the best Beachlands flower bouquet that would fit the occasion or to the person who will receive it. The Bloom Factory only offers reasonable prices and it will be worth it when you buy one of our flower sets. We offer uncommon Beachlands flower bouquets that are full of radiance and beauty. You can see that the flowers in our shop are artistically designed into a famous one that expresses most of what our florist feels while creating and designing them.

The flowers in The Bloom Factory at Eastbourne, have different varieties; they may be large, small, strong, fragile, and tranquil to look at but one thing that is common about them is they are very fresh and fabulous to look at. We are the only flower shop in town where you can see exquisite flowers and can only buy them at an affordable price.

We do believe that flowers are one of the things that can make a person smile, and make the place or event livelier, don’t we? Come and see our flower shop now so you won’t be late in picking the best of the best-displayed flowers in Beachlands. If you are too lazy to visit our flower shop, well, you may just visit and order online through The Bloom Factory website. In there, you can see all varieties of our flowers. Just place your order before 2 pm and our flower delivery service will send it quickly to the recipient’s doorstep.

Our flower shop has an excellent flower delivery team that is very gentle in delivering your flower. The staff makes sure that the flowers are placed in a container with fresh water while delivering it so that when it arrives at the destination, it will still look very fresh. It is the only flower shop where you can enjoy great deals and services on our especially offered discounted flower bouquets and a bonus of our very quick flower delivery service.

With just one call, our flower delivery team will hurry to send your order. Our flower delivery team may be quick but they are careful enough in sending your flowers so as not to disappoint you. We can assure you that we have a well-trained flower delivery team and a very skilled florist in town who are always at your service.

So what are you waiting for? Shop now at The Bloom Factory, the best florist in Eastbourne!

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